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Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary, which homes over 130 rescued animals, has set up a fundraiser on JustGiving to help build a new woodland paddock for rescued pigs.

‘We promote compassionate living’

The 62-acre sanctuary in South Wales state online: “We promote compassionate living to reduce animal suffering.”

The sanctuary relies entirely on donations and help from the local community and volunteers, is appealing for funds to fence a new area for its pigs, giving them enough space so they can express natural behaviors.

In total, it will cost £2,208 to clear the old broken fencing and re-fence with posts, stock, and wire, allowing the animals to run around and play.

‘Pigs are very intelligent’

Mary Frankland, founder, and trustee of Dean Farm Trust said: “Pigs are very intelligent and highly sociable animals. Since we have been rescuing them, they have shown us they like to spend their time foraging and rooting and making nests out of twigs and old grass, where they will sleep in the warm nights.

“In the summer months, they wallow in mud to keep themselves cool and to help keep any parasites away. Our pigs also like to rest under the trees and use stumps as scratching posts.”

To make a donation, click here.

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