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Earlier this year, movie Okja took the world by storm, with its unprecedented budget and vegan overtones.

The film sparked a slew of new vegans who decided to ditch animal products, and enjoyed the movie’s poignant message.

Now one blogger has found an extremely creative way to show your appreciation for the movie – by crocheting your own little Okja.


Craft blogger ‘crafty is cool’ Allison Hoffman – who rose to fame after legedary TV host Conan O’Brien shared her work on social media, has put together a pattern for fans of the movie.

She writes: “Netflix has been putting out some awesome [TV shows] for a while now. 

“They’re also making movies, and the new film Okja is sorta strange, heartwarming, sad, funny, and completely unique. 

“There are big stars on screen and behind the scenes. It’s like Free Willy for grownups. The super pig star of the show is a creature named Okja. Okja is a lovable giant pig/hippo/rhino looking animal, and I made him out of yarn.”

To make your own,visit Hoffman’s blog here. Remember to use vegan yarn to ensure your Okja is cruelty-free!


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