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A cow made
headlines this month, after an epic escape from a farm in Southwestern Poland – only to die tragically last Thursday, after her recapture.

for a slaughterhouse, the six-year-old cow made a mad dash for freedom in late
January, overturning a fence, breaking a farmer’s ribs, and swimming to an
uninhabited island in the process.

Weeks ‘at

Valued at
up to $3,200, the six-year-old cow was aggressively pursued for several weeks.

returned to the mainland a few times after her escape, but quickly swam back
across Lake Nysa at the first sign of potential captors.


Her story has
since ‘gone viral’, attracting the attention of various media outlets, and
politicians in the small town in which she lives, including ex-singer Pawel
Kukiz, and mayor Czes?aw Bi?obran.

wished her a ‘long-term retirement and natural death’ via Facebook despite the
fact that he is, admittedly, ‘not a vegetarian’ while the mayor took to local
radio, with a promise to ensure her safety.

Untimely death

This is a
promise Bi?obran failed to keep.

Thursday, the cow was taken back into captivity, given three shots of
sedatives, and loaded onto a truck where she then died, ‘apparently from

One Daily
Mail commenter wrote: “Probably broke her heart thinking she was going back to

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