Reading Time: < 1 minute British shoppers are shifting toward ethical consumerism
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Britain is set to have its most ethical Christmas in terms of how British people do their shopping – and concerns over animal welfare and environment are among the main drivers.

According to a new report from Ethical Consumer, the UK’s ethical market is growing at a rate of five times that of other sectors.

In addition, ethical goods – which range from food, to home cleaning, and furnishings – have risen in popularity by 3.2 percent this year, while other areas of the economy have only grown at a rate of 0.64 percent, reports news outlet i News.


The publication mentions ‘rising veganism’ as being part of the ethical consumerism revolution.

“An astounding 57 percent of British people have changed their diet over animal welfare or environmental concerns, according to a YouGov survey,” the piece says.

“The number of vegans had doubled, but there were also large numbers turning away from red meat, other meat products, opting for fish instead of meat, and buying free-range eggs.”


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