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Activists are set to march across Australia in their thousands on Friday admit the devastating bushfires which have killed more than a billion animals and 27 people so far.

The protestors will blast prime minister Scott Morrison, accusing him of making the crisis worse through his inaction on climate change.

The action, which was organized by national group Uni Students for Climate Justice, will take place in nine cities across the country – including Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

Scott Morrison

Morrison has been criticized before for his climate skepticism; he failed to attend the United Nations’ climate meeting in September in New York last year.

In addition, last week he denied the link between climate change and the fires, saying: “They are natural disasters. They wreak this sort of havoc when they affect our country, and they have for a very long time.”


Now activists say they are ‘outraged’ by this attitude – and will take to the streets to make their fury known.

We’re protesting this Friday because we’re outraged about our government’s criminal negligence about the bushfire crisis, exacerbated by climate change,” said Uni Students for Climate Justice on its Facebook page.

“We are protesting to give a voice to the tens of thousands of people who want real action on climate change and real funding for relief services.”

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