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A recent viral video of a begging macaque monkey dressed in children’s clothing and wearing a doll’s head has outraged animal welfarists.

The video shows the monkey – who is chained – carrying a bucket and grabbing money from passers-by.

Animal rights charity PETA has described it as ‘disturbing and strange’, as well as a ‘living nightmare’.

The video is currently going viral

Monkey’s mask

According to PETA: “This cruel spectacle is known as topeng monyet, which means ‘monkey’s mask’.

During training, monkeys are beaten and hanged from their neck by a chain, with their hands bound in order to force them to walk upright.

“These helpless animals are dressed in ridiculous clothing and forced to wear masks and perform confusing, senseless ‘tricks’ like riding a bike – all while being yanked, choked, and dragged around by handlers.”

The abuse these animals endure is extremely disturbing (Video: PETA)


Around 3,000 macaques are believed to be stolen Indonesian rainforests every year. They are sold for a sum reportedly around £15, then forced to perform for their ‘monkey masters’, earning up to £5 a day.

The spectacle of topeng monyet was banned in Jakarta four years ago, according to Jakarta Animal Aid Network – which is now calling for a national ban.

The group claims that poverty drives the practice, adding: “Let’s make Indonesia dancing monkeys free…a national ban is much needed.”