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Pupils at Milford Haven School in Pembrokeshire, Wales, have allegedly headbutted, punched, and tried to force feed a vegan student meat.

Dante, aged 14, was repeatedly punched on the side of the head in his temple while others watched, his mother Rachel claims.

Rachel, aged 44, told Mirror Online that Dante has become a ‘recluse’ since the alleged assault and that he hasn’t returned back to school since.

‘It seems bullies are protected’

She said: “He has never been in trouble in his life. He is not a violent child. It was an unprovoked attack.

“It seems bullies are protected.”

According to a medical report by the Hywel Dda University Health Board, Dante has shown “symptoms consistent with post-concussion syndrome, which is a well-recognized feature following a head injury.”

Those suffering from post-concussion syndrome can experience persistent headaches, dizziness and memory problems for several weeks.

‘Internal investigation’

In response to the reported incident, which occurred on January 15, a spokesperson from Pembrokeshire County Council told Mirror Online that the matter ‘had been dealt with’.

“The school has investigated the alleged incidents internally and the matter has been dealt with in accordance with the Governing Body’s approved policies and procedures,” they said.

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