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Bullfighting will return to Majorca after Spain’s top court has overturned a partial ban on the bloodsport 

The island’s Coliseo Balear ring will soon host the first bullfight, with four well-known matadors, since the regional parliament banned the killing of bulls back in 2017.

‘A dying spectacle’

Despite activists branding the sport as ‘horrific’, Spain’s Constitutional Court states it is protected as part of the country’s ‘natural heritage’.

“We’re convinced that the end of bullfighting is already here and this is the last gasps of a dying spectacle,” Francisco Vasquez Neria of the Anima Naturalis group said to the BBC.

Last month, PETA revealed that the number of bulls killed in Spanish bullrings over the last decade had plunged by 56 percent.

According to the stats, the number of bulls stabbed and killed dropped from approximately 16,000 (in 2008) to roughly 7,000 (in 2018), leading PETA to posit that the ‘archaic spectacle has fallen out of favor with the majority of Spaniards and tourists’.


“Bullfighting has no place in a civilized society and is on its way out,” PETA Director, Elisa Allen, said. 

“PETA is calling on tourists to stop propping up this bloody spectacle and on Pamplona to join the more than 100 Spanish cities and towns that declared themselves anti-bullfighting.”

Liam Giliver

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