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A veganfestival in Brighton is set to donate all of its surplus food to the homeless.

The two-day event, hosted by animal welfare charity Viva! is intended to impact the local community, not only those in need.

According to Event Organizer Victoria Bryceson, the idea for the donation system was sparked by watching vendors throw away surplus food last year.

Hope to inspire

Bryceson told Plant Based News: “We hope it will inspire other event organisers to do the same thing.

“There are food events happening all around the country every day and if every organiser arranged for food waste to be donated to homeless charities there would be a lot fewer hungry people on the streets.”


The event – set to take place next week – will include food stalls, ethical shopping, talks, cooking demonstrations, free nutrition advice, and more.

Bryceson said: “We are a one stop shop for vegan products, no need for ingredient checking and for non vegans we have hundreds of free samples to give away, so you can try them before you even commit to purchasing anything.”

The festival will take place on September 29 and 30, with tickets starting at £5, or £8 for a weekend pass.

Emily Court

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