Reading Time: 2 minutes A ban in Brazil would be a 'huge success' for animals, say campaigners
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A new report recommending a complete ban on the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals, as well as the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in Brazil, has been published by one of the country’s leading Senators, Gleisi Hoffmann.

Six Brazilian states have now banned the use of animals in tests of cosmetic products and ingredients: Pará, Amazonas Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Mato Grosso do Sul.

According to campaigners, Brazil is one of the biggest cosmetics markets in the world. They say a breakthrough in the country would be a ‘huge success’ for animals.


According to animal organization Cruelty Free International, which has been working with politicians in the country on the issue: “The report suggests several amendments to Federal Bill 70/2014 on cosmetic tests on animals, originally proposed in 2014 by Senator Ricardo Izar after working closely with our expert team.

“If adopted by the Senate the proposed changes would build on the original version of the Bill spearheaded by Cruelty Free International.

“It calls for an immediate ban on the testing of finished cosmetic products on animals, a ban on testing cosmetic ingredients within a three-year deadline and a ban on using data from animal tests to authorise new cosmetics for the Brazilian market, even if the tests have been conducted abroad or for other purposes.”

‘Significant steps’

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of Cruelty Free International, said: “We very much welcome the significant steps that Brazil is taking to end cosmetics cruelty. There is no room for this outdated and unnecessary practice in the 21st century. We hope to see a successful vote on this report in the Senate and the swift and comprehensive adoption of the legislation as a whole.

“We are campaigning with The Body Shop for a global end to cosmetics animal testing everywhere and forever and would welcome the incredible impetus that Brazil would add to this work.”

Globally, cosmetic tests on animals have been banned in 37 countries, including the whole of the European Union, Israel, India, Norway, Switzerland, Taiwan, New Zealand and Guatemala. Similar legislation is being debated across the world including in the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile and South Africa.

Maria Chiorando

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