NY Times Bestseller Dr. Michael Greger To Launch New Book ‘How Not To Age’

Acclaimed physician Dr. Michael Greger has announced the release of his latest book How Not To Age - which is slated to debut next year


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NY Times Bestseller Dr. Michael Greger To Launch New Book 'How Not To Age' The book is slated to debut at the end of 2022 - Media Credit: Twitter

Dr. Michael Greger is releasing a new book titled How Not To Age

The New York Times bestseller and acclaimed physician announced the news in a recent YouTube video

‘How Not To Age’

He said: “I’m Dr. Michael Greger, coming to you live from my treadmill, from my new place in Seattle where I’m sheltering until the world opens back up.

“I’m working on my new book How Not To Age – the latest in longevity research. There’s tons of research, but I should be able to get out the book by December 2022.

“Hopefully, by then, I’ll be able to resume my speaking schedule and come to your hometown in 2023.

“To help keep you satiated until then, my new How Not To Diet cookbook just came out last month following How To Survive a Pandemic which came out in august and unfortunately continues to be relevant.

Dr. Greger added that proceeds from all of his book are donated to charity. 

Dr. Greger

Last year, Dr. Greger warned the COVID-19 pandemic may just be a ‘dress rehearsal for the coming plague’.

The physician, who also has a background in infectious disease, made the comment in his book How To Survive a Pandemic

In a promotional video for the book, he says: “The current COVID-19 pandemic, as deadly as it may be, may just be a dress rehearsal for the coming plague.

“Decades ago, a flu virus was discovered in chickens that would forever change our understanding of how bad pandemics could potentially get. H5N1 appeared capable of killing more than half the people it infected. 

“Imagine if a virus like that started spreading explosively human to human. Consider a pandemic 100-times worse than COVID-19, not the fatality rate of two in 100… But more like one in two. A coin toss.”

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