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The founder of a leading animal organization has written a book covering nearly two decades of intensive advocacy.

Nathan Runkle – a name any animal rights advocate is familiar with – is the founder of Mercy For Animals – a nonprofit protecting factory-farmed animals. 

But his life could have been very different, as he covers in the book called Mercy for Animals.


Had he continued on the path set out for him, Runkle could have been a fifth-generation farmer in his small Midwestern town. 

Instead, growing up as a farm kid in rural Ohio, Runkle founded MFA at just 15 years old. At the same time, he came out as gay, a topic he covers in the book.

But an MFA spokesperson says this isn’t just Nathan’s story.


They said: “Mercy For Animals examines how our country moved from a network of small local farms with more than 50 percent of Americans involved in agriculture to a massive coast-to-coast industrial complex controlled by a mere one percent of our population—and the consequences of this drastic change for animals as well as our global and local environments. 

“We also learn how MFA strives to protect farmed animals in behind-the-scenes negotiations with companies like Nestlé and other brand names—conglomerates whose policy changes can spare countless lives and strengthen our planet.”

In the trenches

The book also takes readers ‘into the trenches’ of MFA’s work – covering the early days in grassroots activism to dangerous and dramatic experiences doing undercover investigations, to the organization’s current large-scale efforts at making sweeping legislative change to protect factory-farmed animals and encourage compassionate food choices.

The tome has won a high profile admirer: Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE; Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute; and U.N. Messenger of Peace, said: “Mercy For Animals not only exposes the almost unbelievable cruelty suffered by the billions of animals raised in factory farms but explains what can—and must—be done to change things. 

“Please read it and recommend it to all your friends.”


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