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Bodybuilder, personal trainer, and former bouncer, Paul Kerton, has claimed going vegan has drastically improved his eyesight.

Kerton, aged 45, from Norwich, known on social media as the Hench Herbivore, has halved the strength of his contact lenses since ditching animal products and taking a CBD (cannabidiol) supplement.

‘Blind as a bat’

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kerton claimed he used to be ‘blind as a bat’ but saw his vision ‘vastly’ improve in the first six months of becoming vegan.

He said: “My ophthalmologist nearly fell off his chair when I had an eye test and my vision and I saw how much my eyesight had improved.”

The bodybuilder admitted he used to consume around 500 grams of animal protein each day, in a rush to gain muscle, but followed his partner’s lead to try veganism.

‘The amazing power of vegan whole foods’

Kerton, who now promotes veganism ‘for optimal health and sports performance and the wellbeing of the planet and the animals’, said: “I still wear contact lenses but they’re half the strength they used to be…I wholeheartedly believe it’s because of veganism.

“I’m on a mission to show the world the amazing power of vegan whole foods, in terms of sports performance and the prevention, treatment and even reversal of chronic diseases.”

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Liam Giliver

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