Top Bodybuilder 'Considering' Going Plant-Based - 'The Game Changers' Producer Offers To Help

Top Bodybuilder ‘Considering’ Going Plant-Based – ‘The Game Changers’ Producer Offers To Help


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Kai Greene is thinking about going plant-based (Photo: Kai Greene) - Media Credit:
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Major bodybuilder Kai Greene is thinking about ditching animal products and going plant-based.

The pro-bodybuilder, who is also a personal trainer, artist, and actor, has won some major accolades, including scooping second place at the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mr. Olympia competitions.

Greene took to Twitter to ask his followers if they had any experiences with transitioning – and was quickly offered help by James Wilks, who wrote and produced The Game Changers along with Joseph Pace.

‘Any experience?’

Greene tweeted: “Thinking about going on a plant-based diet. Still doing some more research. Anyone here have experiences with it?”

Wilks responded: “James Wilks, the producer and narrator of The Game Changers here. DM me on Instagram, and I can have our science team/sports dietician help with whatever you need. No one has more info on this than our team, when it comes to optimizing performance with plant-based nutrition.”

Plant-based advantage

Wilks recently revealed to Plant Based News that there are many plant-based athletes who keep their diet secret – in a bid to keep a secret ‘advantage’

“There were some athletes we approached who have been eating this way for a long time and don’t want to tell anybody…they didn’t want to give away their advantage,” Wilks said. “Some said ‘I don’t want to let this out until it’s really mainstream, I’d rather keep this advantage.”

While he didn’t disclose any individual athlete’s names, Wilks revealed that the athletes came from sports leagues, including the NFL and the NBL, saying ‘there are some pretty major athletes who are eating this way and just don’t want to announce it’.

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