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The UK’s first cinema ad ‘could make you go vegan’ – according to the BBC.

In a piece titled Why this pig could make you go vegan, the UK broadcaster says: “This Christmas, Hope the pig will be the star of the first vegan advert to be screened across UK cinemas.

“Hope and her piglets had never been outside until they were rescued from an indoor farm.”


The ad was created after vegan charity Viva! raised more than £100,000 as part of its Bring Hope to Millions crowdfunding campaign.

It compares the difference between the life of Hope, a sow who was rescued by Viva! with her six piglets, and the lives of factory farmed pigs.

A Viva! spokesperson said: “Around 90 percent of pigs are intensively farmed, enduring a life of overcrowding, filth, confinement and mutilations. 

“The ad asks viewers to try vegan, highlighting the link to tasty vegan recipes at” 

One million people

This week, Viva! Founder Juliet Gellatley publicly spoke out about the advert to people across the UK.

She told PBN: “I talked to over a million people this week on radio (via 17 shows one after another) about our Hope cinema ad.

“Her rescue – contrasted to the tragic lives of most pigs – will inspire people to go vegan.”

You canwatch the full advert here

The trailer has been produced by PBN Creative –you can find out more here

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