Reading Time: 2 minutes The program shows activists taking part in an 'Earthling's Experience' event (Photo: BBC)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The BBC has launched a new series called Generation Activism – the first episode focuses on animal rights.

The show features vegan activists Bella Lack and Phoebe Frampton, and shows how they are battling against animal exploitation.

During the segment, Lack visits Thailand to film elephants who are forced to give rides – and the distressing conditions they are subjected to. Meanwhile, Frampton is filmed as she attends Save Vigils and hosts an ‘Earthlings Experience’ event.

Vegan activists

“I became vegan about seven years ago, then became an activist shortly after because I wanted to do more for the animals that were being exploited,” said Frampton, 26.

Lack, who is just 15 years old, added that one of the factors limiting her activism is her age.

“I get so many comments stating that I’ve been indoctrinated or forced into beliefs. When I joined Twitter, I unearthed this community of young people who are into the same things as me,” she said.

Young activists

“The world in 2018 faces huge challenges – from climate change and gender inequality to youth violence and political instability – and more and more young people are willing to stand up and make a difference by fighting for their rights and for their beliefs,” said the BBC about the series.

“We asked young activists to film themselves over the summer as they dedicate their lives to campaigning for their cause.”


The BBC has broadcast an increasing amount of animal and vegan-interest content in recent months.

In late Summer, it showed a documentary on the milk industry – The Dark Side of Dairy. It also published a profile of Ethan Brown, Founder of vegan brand Beyond Meat.

The BBC then hosted a debate about veganism on its Politics Live program – with one panelist saying there is a ‘strong case’ for following a vegan diet.

You can watch the program on iPlayer here

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