Reading Time: 2 minutes The film has made a huge splash (Photo: 73 Cows)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

BAFTA-winning vegan documentary 73 Cows will be screened at the European Parliament in Brussels next month.

The 15-minute movie documents the moral struggle of cattle farmer Jay Wilde, who eventually sent his cows to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, after deciding he could no longer slaughter animals. Wilde is now vegan.

According to the filmmakers, the screening -which has been facilitated by animal welfare charity Humane Society International – will be shown in a bid to inspire agricultural policy change.

‘The power of film’

“We never could have predicted this, but to try and inspire change in agricultural policies, 73 Cows will be screened at the European Parliament in Brussels this March,” said the film’s director Alex Lockwood.

“Myself, Jay and Katja [Wilde] will also be taking part in a post-screening Q&A. Thank you to the Humane Society International for inviting us.”We never expected our little film could potentially have a direct impact on European policy. We’re beyond proud. Never underestimate the power of film.”

Shift away from animal farming

73 Cows is a film that captures the zeitgeist of compassionate eating, beautifully documenting the emotional and moral journey of a farmer no longer able to look his animals in the eye and then send them to slaughter,” Humane Society International UK Executive Director, Claire Bass, said about the film.

“His [Jay Wilde’s] personal epiphany that cows are thinking, feeling creatures with individual personalities mirrors the realisation by millions of consumers worldwide that there is a strong ethical as well as environmental imperative to leave meat off the menu.

“The film’s BAFTA win is immensely timely, highlighting to farmers and policy makers that a vital shift away from animal agriculture and towards a plant-based future is both possible and positive.”

73 Cows is currently available to watch for £5 on Curzon Home Cinema. It will be released on Vimeo where it can be viewed for free on April 1.

Maria Chiorando

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