BAFTA-Winning Film Director Releases New Film On Animal Testing


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'Animal testing is predominantly ineffective when it comes to human health' (Photo: Vimeo) - Media Credit:

BAFTA-winning film director Alex Lockwood is releasing a new film on animal testing.

Titled Test Subjects, the film will premiere at Raindance Film Festival on September 20 at 5.45 – and will be shared for free online shortly afterwards.

Telling the story of Frances, Emily, and Amy, Test Subects documents the torment of three aspiring scientists who felt testing on animals was a necessary part of their research. 

‘Necessary evil’

Speaking to Plant Based News about the film, Lockwood said: “Animal testing is still widely accepted as a useful way to explore what does and doesn’t work when it comes to the human body. I think most people think that for this reason, it’s a bit of a necessary evil and that it generally does more good than bad. 

“I hope that this film will help to challenge that belief and shed light on the fact that animal testing is predominantly ineffective when it comes to human health. 

“With my film Test Subjects, I explored the stories of scientists who have had first hand experience of testing on animals and who now want to speak up and share their stories. I really hope that through these testimonies that eyes will be opened, and that this knowledge will become widespread.”

73 Cows

Lockwood also directed the vegan documentary 73 Cows, which won a prestigious BAFTA award for Best British Short Film earlier this year.

After the nomination was announced, he told PBN he was ‘over the moon’. “I’m really proud of the team and I think we’re all just a little bit shocked at the moment – it hasn’t quite sunk it,” he added.

“When we set out with no budget and a such a small team, we never anticipated that the film would get the response that it is.

“We’ve all been making films for a long time and so it’s great to finally produce something which is having an impact. We owe a huge thanks to Jay and Katja Wilde for letting us tell their story which has resonated with so many people.”

You can watch the trailer for Test Subjects here

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