BACKLASH: Animal Lovers Slam Restaurant For Hanging Cow From Ceiling

BACKLASH: Animal Lovers Slam Restaurant For Hanging Cow From Ceiling


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The cow can be seen from the streets (Photo Etica Pizza Al Taglio Instagram) - Media Credit:
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An Australian pizzeria has been slammed by animal rights activists after hanging a dead cow from its roof in a bid to ‘show people where their food comes from’. 

Adelaide’s Etica Pizza Al Taglio suspended an eight-year-old cow named ‘Schvitzy’ by the legs from its roof this summer, a move that was deemed by animal lovers obscene and ‘utterly disgusting’.

Etica – which means ‘Ethics’ in Italian – defended the decision saying it was an ethical act to raise issues around dairy production.

Animal welfare

The pizzeria describes itself as having an ‘agenda of authenticity and transparency’.

Owner Melissa Pisanelli told Australian news outlet Broadsheet: “Etica recognizes and promotes the need to make an informed choice.

“It’s giving people the knowledge to make their own decision.”

Pisanelli also mentioned that she wanted the space ‘to resemble a slaughterhouse cross glasshouse’, in an attempt to promote animal welfare.

Co-owner Federico Pisanelli also insists: “The installation is a means of highlighting the realities of the (dairy) industry.

“This is not a marketing campaign to attract clientele… we did this as an expression in line with our own principles.”


The pizzeria’s move has been heavily criticized online by animal lovers.

Many people called the restaurant ‘sick’ and disgusting’, while others hit back at the eatery for its ‘hipster bulsh*t’.

Facebook user Stef Carruba commented on the restaurant’s Facebook page: “An actual dead corpse hanging from the ceiling! A defenceless innocent sentient being died just to be a macabre ‘ornament’. 

“How low and inhuman can you get?”

Vivian Moutzouris also said: “If you were so concerned about what occurs in the dairy industry and had ethical principles then you wouldn’t be exploiting animals by offering animal flesh and secretions on your restaurant menu!”

Another user urged the restaurant to take Schvitzy down and let ‘the poor girl rest’.

You can sign the petition to take the cow downhere


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