Reading Time: 2 minutes A sign outside the Pink House advertises the vegan menu (Photo: Facebook)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Argentina’s White House equivalent (the Casa Rosada or Pink House) will serve only vegan food on Mondays to its 554 employees – including the President – from now on.

A Facebook post by Argentina’s Secretary General Fernando de Andreis explained the measure – and why it had been taken.

‘Healthy menu’

He wrote: “Today, and every Monday, the pink house dining room will only have a vegan menu available. This is: no meat, no chicken, no fish, no egg, no butter, no mayonnaise, no milk. A menu without animal products of any kind. 

“All employees and staff of the house, even the President, will eat this healthy menu every Monday.”


According to the politician, the initiative has been implemented for two reasons.

He said: “On the one hand, it is so that at least once a week the 554 people who eat lunch at the Pink House, will eat a lean menu that will contribute to the improvement of their health. On the other hand, knowing the curiosity that awakens in the country everything that goes on in the house, this is as a simple way to start an intense discussion about the diet of Argentinians.

“Today, lifestyle changes, in addition to the changes produced in recent decades in ways to produce and distribute food throughout the world, make Argentine families increasingly exposed to consuming processed products in harmful fats , as well as salt and sugar. 

“The only thing that will defend us from an unhealthy diet will be behavioral changes in the way we eat.” 


Andreis claims, the purpose of ‘Vegan Mondays’ is not to become vegan – but to start a conversation about food and health, and to start making dietary changes.

He said: “If we had called it ‘Healthy Monday’ or ‘Veggie Monday’ you wouldn’t be reading this.”

The move could be seen as highly revolutionary in such a traditionally meat-centric country.


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