Reading Time: < 1 minute The advert by Arby's (Photo: Arby's)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A pro-meat ad recently released by Arby’s has sparked debate and outrage on various social media sites.

Pictured on the ad for the major American fast food chain is a block of plain tofu, aside text that says: “Friends don’t let friends eat tofu. 

“Just eat meat.”

‘Feeling threatened’

Many commenters said the company seems to be ‘grasping at straws’, describing the ad as ‘a sign of desperation’. 

One Facebook user wrote: “It’s obvious they are feeling threatened by the growing vegan movement, or else they wouldn’t feel the need to make fun of people who eat tofu.”

‘Fixed it’

User ‘Kenzipoo (Kenziah) Veganatkis’ even went so far as to edit the advert, and share it with a new tagline. 

The modified version shows the tofu in a heart shape and says: “Friends don’t let friends eat friends. Just eat cruelty-free not garbage.”

The remake has been liked more 300 times, brought to the attention of Arby’s, and shared by more than 100 other users.

Emily Court

Emily Court is a writer and content creator published in Plant Based News, Raise Vegan, Living Vegan and The Financial Diet. A self-described "recovering vegan hothead," she is now a pragmatic member of Vancouver's vibrant and growing plant-powered community. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she holds a BA in Spanish and certificate in Intercultural Communication from Dalhousie University, where her thesis focused on topics of cultural and gender-based discrimination. She aims to apply a privilege-conscious and culturally sensitive approach to her work in all fields.