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A new app aimed at helping as many people as possible try a plant-based diet has been launched.

The free Veggie Challenge app was created by international food advocacy organization ProVeg and is available worldwide in English and Dutch.

According to ProVeg, its app ‘makes it easy to explore a vegan diet, try vegetarianism or simply reduce your meat consumption’ by offering three challenges: 30 days less meat, 30 days vegetarian, and 30 days vegan.

‘The enormous benefits of eating more plants’

The organization says there has ‘never been a better time to explore your food choices’ as more and more people are learning about the enormous benefits of eating more plants.

“More than 250,000 people have already joined the free 30-day challenge to try a more plant-based diet,” ProVeg added. “In addition to free coaching, daily tips, hundreds of recipes, and access to a vibrant and supportive community the new app helps users make a weekly meal plan, organize shopping lists, and store favorite recipes. It also delivers cooking instructions straight to the kitchen.

“Whether you want to improve your health, protect the planet, care for animals or simply choose delicious food the Veggie Challenge app supports you in making positive changes with long term results.”

The Veggie Challenge app is available via the App Store and Google Play

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