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cruelty charges have been laid by the local SPCA after a group kicked and stabbed a pit bull to
death in Cape of Good Hope, South Africa on May 11.


individual being charged was identified from a video of the day’s events which
was posted and circulated on social media.

Cape of
Good Hope SPCA representative Belinda Abraham said the video depicts a ‘horrific
and violent death’.


The pit bull,
Benji, was reportedly tied up on his home property on the day of the attack.

say Benji bit a child after he was approached, and either ‘taunted’ or ‘provoked’.

It was at
this time that Benji was ‘stabbed and kicked to death’.


Benji can
be heard yelping during the violent attack in a sound clip shared on a local
radio segment,
during which the host said he would ‘happily’ see the offenders
in jail for ‘five, ten years’.

to Abraham,
this is not outside of the realm of possibility, as offenders in these
instances can face fines not exceeding 300,000 rand, or up to 15 years in jail.

The SPCA is
encouraging those who feel strongly about what transpired to support the case
by contacting local law enforcement with case number 529/52018 Khayelitsha.

Emily Court

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