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Popular vegan activist James Aspey has been interviewed live on one of Israel’s biggest television networks.

The passionate animal advocate was invited onto the show to talk about a rally he will be speaking at this weekend in Tel Aviv.

According to organizers, 30,000 people are expected to attend this march for animal rights.


Aspey spoke about his famous 365-day vow of silence, explaining: “The reason I took this vow of silence was to raise awareness for the voiceless victims of this planet – the animals.

“But I realised they are not actually voiceless. They cry in pain and they scream in terror. The problem is, we don’t actually listen to their screams, we don’t take their suffering seriously.”


According to Aspey: “Israel is an amazing place for veganism and for animal rights. I think Israel has more vegans than anywhere else is the world per capita.

“The animals need every voice they can get. They have a war waged against them and no way of fighting back.

Speaking about the rally, he said: “I want to promote respect for all beings. We shouldn’t just respect each other – that’s important – but we should respect all living beings on this planet.”


The hosts asked Aspey whether he was a very different kind of activist to Gary Yourofsky.

He said: “We’re different in some ways, but some we’re completely the same. Gary’s a little bit more hard, but our message is the same – we just deliver it differently.

“The message is the same: all animals deserve respect and we should all make veganism the least we should do.”

You can watch the interview and find out more about the eventhere


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