Reading Time: < 1 minute The poll was prompted by Carbstrong's appearance on This Morning (Photo: Joey Carbstrong)
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A poll carried out by Metro UK shows overwhelming support of the use of words like ‘rape’, ‘slavery’ and ‘murder’ to describe farming.

The poll asked ‘is it right’ to use these terms. Possible answers included ‘Yes, it is exactly the same thing’, and ‘No, it is highly offensive to victims of such crimes’.

Results show 78 percent of respondents answered ‘yes’, and 22 percent said ‘no’.

Joey Carbstrong

The poll followed the highly publicized appearance of vegan activists Joey Carbstrong on British breakfast show This Morning.

The activist was part of a debate around dairy, and was joined by farmers who claim to have received abuse from vegans for what they do.


Host Philip Schofield asked Carbstrong whether artificially inseminating cows can be described as rape.

Carbstrong said: “If the victim is a human being we would call it that.

“It is sexual abuse. We are sexually violating a sentient being against their will. That is amoral – they cannot give consent to this.”

The farmers said they were ‘offended’ by the use of words like ‘murder’ and ‘rape’ to describe what they do.

You cansee the poll results here

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