7 Vegan Charities And Organizations To Donate To This Christmas

If you're looking for an alternative to the usual Christmas present, why not donate money to charity in your loved one's name?


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Viva! founder Juliet Gellatley with some pigs If you want to give a more thoughtful gift this year, why not donate to a charity in their name? - Media Credit: Viva!

Not every gift you give this year has to come in glossy wrapping or from a large corporation.

A growing number of people are becoming conscious about waste, and many are now making efforts to reduce consumption. This means that charitable donation in your – or a loved one’s – name could be the perfect option.

The UK is currently in a cost of living crisis, and a number of charities have expressed fear that they may not survive while people can’t spare money to donate.

Now is a better time than ever to show your support, or gift that support to a friend or family member.

Here are some vegan charities and organizations to keep in mind this festive season.


Part of Switch4Good’s campaign to stop intensive dairy production

Spawned from anger over a “misleading” dairy advert, a group of Olympians formed Switch4Good to campaign about the problems with the dairy industry. They also promote the health benefits of ditching dairy for good.

Support them here.

Vegan Outreach

The non-profit Vegan Outreach delivers their “10 weeks to vegan” booklets to aid people as they move to a vegan diet – on the premise of ending animal suffering for all.

Vegan Outreach also joined up with the Black Lives Matter movement in Los Angeles to deliver food to those who need it.

To donate, visit this fundraising page.

Afro Vegan Society

Afro Vegan Society is a non-profit organization that aims to make veganism more accessible to everyone.

It provides support and resources to people living in marginalized communities to help them transition to the vegan lifestyle.

The Afro Vegan Society states that people within these communities are “often overlooked by those doing vegan advocacy.” Because of this, it says they may lack vital information that would help them make kinder and more sustainable choices.

To donate, visit its website.

Farm Sanctuary

You could go one step further this Christmas and adopt a turkey from the Farm Sanctuary, a rescue center based in the US that provides a new home for “survivors” of the animal agriculture industry.

You can also donate here.

Food For Life

Paul McCartney-endorsed Food For Life is the world’s largest vegan food relief charity, committed to providing plant-based meals to the “disadvantaged,” including victims of disaster.

To donate, visit the website, where there is the option of signing up to monthly donations.

Black Veg Society

Based in Baltimore, the US, Black Veg Society aims to educate the public – particularly BIPOC communities – on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

It’s also building a community that focuses on the benefits of veganism and implementing healthier and more sustainable foods in diets.

Visit its website to donate.


UK charity Viva! conducts vital investigations into the animal agriculture industry. One of the pig farms it visited, which was situated in Leicestershire, was shut down in 2022 following animal rights violations.

You can donate here to ensure Viva! can keep up this vital work.

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