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A 100 percent vegan hotel is set to open in Scotland in June.

Saorsa 1875, in Pitlochry, was created by vegans, who have made sure everything associated with it is animal-free, including bedding, toiletries, cleaning products used by staff, and even the electricity with comes from Vegan Society-certified Ecotricity.

The kitchen is led by Italian chef Luca Sordi who will use ingredients either sourced from the hotel’s vegetable patch or independent local suppliers. In addition, the hotel will collaborate with top vegan chefs from around the UK to create one-off dining experiences.

‘Veganism is exciting’

“We want to show people that veganism isn’t just a compassionate, ethical choice, it’s also an exciting, vibrant way of life,” Co-founder and Head of Lifestyle, Jack McLaren-Stewart, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“The innovation that we’ve seen across food and fashion in recent years has been hugely inspiring and we’re excited to be part of the world’s fastest growing social justice movement.”

“Knowing that no animal had to suffer for the hotel equipment or cosmetics gives vegans peace of mind, and supporting ethical businesses makes their holiday that much more enjoyable. The increase in vegan-friendly accommodation goes in line with the huge growth of this lifestyle in Britain, where the number of vegans has quadrupled in the last four years,” added Vegan Society spokesperson Dominika Piasecka.

Maria Chiorando

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