A 10-Year-Old Explains: ‘Why I Ditched Dairy’


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Ditching dairy would save cows from horror and create stronger, healthier and more ethical humans.

That’s what 10-year-old Luca believes. He spoke to Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell about why he decided to ditch dairy – and how he feels without the white stuff.

He said: “I feel a lot better. I used to have a runny nose when I was drinking milk…now my runny nose has fully gone away now I don’t eat or drink any dairy.”

PBN’s Klaus Mitchell talks to 10-year-old Luca.Subscribe to PBN’s YouTube Channel here

Natural? Healthy?

Luca gave a presentation at school about why he thinks other people should remove the product from their diets. He said: “What if I told you dairy is not actually natural or healthy? For years, we have been told that milk is good for us – through TV, doctors, on the news, and in schools. But…these are all lies that have been funded by the dairy industry.

“Milk is so mass produced nowadays that it’s far from being a natural product. Milk often contains the puss and blood of the cows as they have been over-milked. Moreover, many cows are given medicines and pumped full of antibiotics, all of which end up in your glass of milk.

“Think about it. Rat milk is for baby rats, cat milk is for kittens, dog milk is for puppies and cow milk is for…humans? I think there’s something wrong. If any of us actually needed milk in our diets, we’d still be breastfeeding from our mothers.”

Our generation

Luca adds that his generation can make a difference – but change is needed.

“We need to stop being ignorant about the cruelty of cow’s milk and the health risks it poses, he says.

“If everyone [who sees this] stopped using the milk intended for calves and started trying some of the alternatives such as oat, almond, rice, or soya milk, then we could save some cows from a horrid fate and grow up to be stronger, healthier and more ethical humans.”

You canwatch Luca talk about ditching dairy on YouTube here

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