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Dairy Farmer Shuns ‘Intensive’ Methods – And Gives Cows To Sanctuary Instead

Reading Time: 3 minutes Vegetarian farmer Jay Wilde has given his herd of 59 cows to a sanctuary so he can concentrate on arable farming. Wilde inherited the family dairy operation but turned to beef farming after deciding that dairy is too intensive for the animals. He says: “We stopped producing dairy because it was so arduous. To take […]

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Designer Stella McCartney To Incorporate Ocean Debris Into Designs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fashion designer Stella McCartney has teamed up with a company that makes fabric out of ocean rubbish to create a luxury line of shoes, bags and outerwear. This is not the first time McCartney has worked with Parley for the Oceans, the organization that makes Ocean Fabric from discarded sea debris. The Ocean Fabric will replace […]

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Vegan Movie What The Health Is Coming To Netflix

Reading Time: < 1 minute ? Plant-based documentary What The Health will be hitting streaming system Netflix on June 16. The movie, which comes from the team behind iconic film Cowspiracy, is described as the health documentary ‘that health organizations don’t want you to see,’ by its makers. Film makers Keegan Kuhn and Kip Anderson add: “The film follows intrepid […]

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Dog Meat ‘Not Popular’ in Yulin, China – Despite Controversial Festival

Reading Time: 3 minutes People in Yulin, China do not regularly consume dog meat – despite the best efforts of traders to promote it, according to a new survey.  The polling, which was conducted by Chinese state-registered charities and assisted by a team of six research staff from the Yulin Municipal Government, has been welcomed by China policy expert […]

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Pret A Manger Introduces Veggie And Vegan Fridges In More Stores

Reading Time: 2 minutes Popular high street brand Pret A Manger will be launching veggie fridges in stores ‘up and down the country’. The move follows the successful first full year of the brand’s first Veggie Pret in London’s Soho and the equally successful launch of its second in Shoreditch. Writing in his blog, Pret CEO Clive Schlee’s said […]

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Senator Declares ‘War On Almond Milk’ In Bid To Appeal To Rural Voters

Reading Time: < 1 minute Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin has ‘declared war’ on almond milk – as part of her bid for re-election next year. The success of plant-based milk is an issue for dairy farmers in Wisconsin, a largely Republican area (which voted 71 per cent in favour of Donald Trump last year). Democrat Tammy Baldwin is trying to […]

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Vegan Celeb Miley Cyrus Takes Center Stage As Headliner At Washington Pride

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vegan singer and actress Miley Cyrus took to the stage in Washington, D.C., for the city’s 2017 Capital Pride Concert. The veteran performer seems excited to be a part of the event, sharing a number of pictures on her Instagram profile, showing off brightly coloured outfits as well as temporary lip tattoos. The message Cyrus […]

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Horror After Fox Reportedly Shot At Sainsbury’s: Vegan Group Urges ‘Use Humane Deterrence’

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the country’s largest vegan organizations has written to supermarket Sainsbury’s after a fox was allegedly shot outside one of its stores. Campaigners from Animal Aid in Kent have urged CEO Micke Coupe to commit to the use of humane wildlife deterrence following the trapping and shooting of a fox at the store in Crayford.  […]

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What Does UK Election Result Mean For Theresa May’s Threat To Bring Back Fox Hunting?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Even in these politically unpredictable times last week’s election result – which saw a hung parliament – was a surprise. Now Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party [DUP] in order to retain power. The DUP is often viewed as a controversial organisation, due to its regressive views on topics […]

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‘Plant Milk Should Not Be Called Milk’ Say Dairy Industry Players

Reading Time: 2 minutes The National Farmers Union [NFU] has complained about the use of the word ‘milk’ to describe plant-based alternatives. According to the NFU, sometimes these non-dairy alternatives are promoted in a way that does not make it clear that they are not animal secretions. A 2007 European Union ruling states that certain words – ‘milk’, ‘yoghurt’ […]